Solar Trackers in Action

Time lapse of our solar trackers tracking the sun. Trackers are more efficient because they maximize solar capture by following the sun across the sky, making adjustments for both seasonal and daily shifts. To see real-time solar data at the Envi Center, visit the Environmental Center’s homepage. To read more… Continue reading »

Weather Reports from the ’66 Environmental Center

There’s a new weather station on campus – and it is at the Class of 1966 Environmental Center. “We recently installed a new weather station to help us monitor solar and water inputs to the ’66 Environmental Center,” explained Jay Racela the Technical Assistant and Envi Lab… Continue reading »

Winter Study Course – “Accepting the Challenge”

Amy tours Hannah ’17 and Kevin ’17 through the Envi Center. Amy Johns Director of the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives is teaching a course during this Winter Study called “Accepting the Challenge: Pursuing Living Building Challenge Certification for the New Environmental Center” (ENVI 10). Students in… Continue reading »

Progress at the ’66 Envi Center

Stripping of the inside and outside of Kellogg House is almost finished, exposing the bare “bones” of the old plank house. The framing seems to be American chesnut, a tree prized for its remarkably workable and strong, rot-resistant wood and for its nuts until blight decimated the population between 1900… Continue reading »