What is Living about this Building?

Class_of_66_Center_oblique ZOOM
Bird’s eye view of the building. Notice the two roof-mounted solar arrays, the ground mounted array (in front of the building to the left), the pergola-mounted solar (in front of the building), and the 2 solar trackers (right)

While the Class of 1966 Environmental Center doesn’t breathe, it is self-sufficient in a number of ways.

It produces – or harvests – all the energy that the building needs to operate from four solar arrays sprinkled around the site.

(For a time lapse video of our solar trackers in action, click here.)

The building captures, stores, and filters all the water that the building and building users need.

It also cleans all of its gray-water (from sinks) and responsibly manages the site’s storm water through the use of retention ponds and raingardens.

High-bush blueberries a few weeks after being planted

And the sites is covered with food producing plants – edible landscaping, if you will.







For more info about the building, visit the Env Center’s homepage and the menu of posts about other unique building features.