Why the Long Grass?

meadow2The Environmental Center landscape design works to restore the natural resources of the site by cleansing on-site rainwater and wastewater for future use, (i.e. irrigation & internal building use) and establish plant communities that function as biological islands to enhance wildlife habitat, attract insect and pollinators, which increase agricultural productivity. These landscapes provide great environmental educational opportunities and include the Rain Gardens, Constructed Wetland and Eastern Prairie Meadow. A diverse palette of native species are implemented at different landscape layers to encourage a permacultural use of this site.

In front of the building surrounding the fruit tree orchard, the Eastern Prairie Meadow is a native wildflower meadow.

At least it was supposed to be native, but we had some drought related challenges just after it got planted last spring. So we’re working to seed more native species. In the meantime, it is a wildflower meadow that wildlife, including pollinators, are loving.

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